Unthink my mind

Satan has declared war on God’s children, and our minds are the battlefield in which the war is won or lost. Satan loves to put wrong thoughts into our minds—thoughts that are not in agreement with God’s Word—hoping we will meditate on them long enough for them to become reality in our lives. We can cast down those wrong thoughts and bring every thought captive into the obedience of Jesus Christ.

Join me for a 2 night teaching as I show you how to un-think your troubled mind.

As a Life Coach, I see that it's our thoughts and negative, limiting beliefs that cause us to miss what God may be saying, doing, or revealing. We drive ourselves insane over analyzing and overthinking. 


In these 2 nights, we will tackle:

  • What overthinking is and what's wrong with over analyzing

  • Why we do it

  • How God feels when we focus on our own issues so much

  • What the Word of God says about anxiety

  • How to truly trust God at His Word

  • How to defeat Satan when it comes to the mind battles we often face

Are you ready to do this? Sow a seed of any amount into this ministry, and you're in!

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