The ultimate "Babe in Christ" bundle is here to help believers who want to advance beyond being spiritually stagnant. 


  • M633 is a 3 week course that breaks down Matthew 6:33, helping you to seek God, live righteously, and receive all He has promised
  • Reading the Word is a 4 week guide to reading the Bible. Many struggle with reading, and this will help you understand the Bible, know where to start, know what to do when reading, and give practical application methods. 
  • Evolve is a 2 week course I taught to help believers who felt stuck and stagnant in their journeys. Hebrews 5 gives us a call to spiritual growth, and this will assist you!
  • Holy Bible Study Guide is great for those that want more information on each of the books in the Bible, who the author is, how God revealed Himself in each book, choosing a good translation, and SO much more! 

Solid Booster

  • 4 PDF files