LODGING - This particular cabin holds 18 people MAX. Once all spaces are filled, registration will be closed!

TRANSPORTATION - We will travel by transit bus(es) for the drive. It's approximately 5.5 hours from North Charleston to Pigeon Forge.*

MEALS - All cooked meals and snacks available at cabin site will be included in the cost.**

$650 Bestie Rate (book with a friend and you each save $25!)***

Please note that there will be NO discounts or adjustments for any person that doesn't:
-stay all nights
-travel in rental vehicles
-consume any food items

$25 Vacation Protection: This is optional, but recommended, insurance available to all guests. Due with initial deposit, this will provide a refund for all monies paid. This is ONLY valid if you cancel 14+ days prior to departure.

This cost will include:
-Portion for food while at cabin site
-All transportation costs
-All materials and supplies provided during retreat


-$100 deposit due 9/27/19 (If purchasing Vacation Protection, that amount is due on first deposit).
-$50 due 10/25/19
-$50 due 11/8/19
-$50 due 11/22/19
-$50 due 12/27/19
-$50 (balance) due 1/31/20

While this is the schedule of when all payments are due, there are a few things to mention:
-NO reservations will be held under your name until your first deposit is paid
-If more than 7 days behind on a payment, you may lose your spot. In the event this happens, any money paid until that point will NOT be refunded
-You can pay extra at any time, and you can also pay the total at any time (the schedule is for those that may be unable to pay all at one time)

They can be made via PayPal at
You can also request an invoice be sent that will allow you to split the payments up via a credit/debit card
The PayPal email address is

*You are not required to travel with the group to Tennessee. Please beware that you will not receive a discounted rate if you choose to travel separately. Furthermore, if anything causes a passenger to arrive late or miss any sessions, a refund/discount of any amount will not be provided.

**Upon completion of registration, you will be able to provide any dietary requests. Know that we will try our best to honor them.

***When booking the Bestie Rate, both parties MUST book at the same time. Booking separately will cause parties to pay individual rate

For any additional questions, please email Victoria at


To set up payments using the deposit schedule above, please go back to the Shop page and click on 2020 SAS WR Deposit. 

3rd Annual Saved & Single Women's Retreat