Would you walk on water?

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

We say we love Jesus. But how much do we really love Him? Do you love Him enough to walk on water? I love that Peter was bold for Jesus. He was willing to slash the ear of a servant to prevent Jesus from being arrested. He took a great stand for righteousness. He also had faith.

When the disciples were in the boat, they gasped upon seeing Jesus walking on water towards them. Learning it was Jesus, Peter had to be sure. "Lord, if it's you, tell me to come on the water." Matthew 14:28.

Do you love Jesus enough to walk on water and come when He says "come"? Because He's calling you. Get quiet and listen to His voice. He's beckoning you to come to Him today. He wants you to surrender and trust Him. He will not let you drown. Stay focused on Him and stay anchored in Him, and you will be victorious. But losing focus will cause you to sink.

Just as quickly as Peter stepped out the boat and began walking, he saw the wind and became afraid. Imagine he stayed focused on Jesus. No panic would have taken place. He would have remembered, "this is Jesus, son of Man. He's called me out onto the water, and surely I will be OK." But instead, he rejected Jesus in a sense. He didn't believe that Jesus would protect him. This goes on to be a pattern with Peter. Rejecting Jesus. Thank God for grace.

I ask you today: how much do you trust Jesus? Enough to walk on water when He calls you? Will you keep going even when the winds blow and the waves get choppy? You of little faith, keep going.

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