When God reveals your Husband

I've spoken to a few ladies and realized something interesting. There have been occasions that God has revealed to a woman whom her actual husband is going to be. But the question always becomes, "now what?" Like, what is one to do when God has shown you your spouse clearly? Keep reading!

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. Matthew 6:33 NLT

First, one must be clear that it was in fact God, and not their own desires or even lust. Often times, it's easy to see what we want to see. It's easy to say that it was God when in fact it wasn't. I've also seen cases where a woman so badly wanted it to be a particular man, and bypassed the actions that he was taking at that time. Because something I know is that it's easy to make excuses for abuse, sexual immorality, a man currently being with someone else, etc when it's us that really wants them. Why? Because it's just "something about them". We have to learn when to decipher a soul tie or a head-husband (someone that YOU have decided in your head is your husband) vs when God is clearly showing/telling you something regarding a man.

The next thing is figuring out what happens when God has revealed it in the spiritual realm, but the complete opposite is happening in the natural. Well, we know from John 10:10 that Satan is out to steal, kill, and destroy. Marriage matters greatly to God. And if it matters to God, it's a threat and target for the enemy. So when God is in the midst of something, you should absolutely expect what you see with your own eyes to go against what your faith can't see. Expect opposition. However, now is the time to activate your faith. War in the spirit. Speak life giving affirmations. Never be quick to run or give up. Your future husband is incomplete without you. It's not the time to allow naysayers or even self-doubt to disrupt what God has ordained. Imagine leaving right before things fall into place all because you were impatient.

What I've heard from ladies is something along the lines of, "he's not ready, though." Sometimes that's the truth. But here are 3 things I say in response to that.

  1. How do you know he's not ready? What would make you say that? Whatever answer you come up with is what I refer to as a prayer point. See that as an opportunity for prayer, woman of God. War for your husband even now. If you know that financially he's not stable, pray that God would enlarge his territory, giving him Adam-sized dominion and responsibility. If he's plagued by lust or sexually immorality, pray and ask God to deliver him. Is he dating someone else? Pray that God would separate them so that you can find your way to each other. There's no prayer too big or too small for God. They all matter to Him.

  2. What if God revealed it to you and not him? Do you and the man communicate at all? Perhaps he's unaware though you've been made privy. Yes, God will confirm it twice. But I also know that our Lord speaks clearer to the one that can hear. Keep this in mind. This man may not even have a clue that you're his wife. Pray that he discovers that.

  3. Are you sure that it's not YOU that isn't ready? Let's be honest. Women don't always like being held accountable. It's much simpler to blame the man as if we're the prize and they're not. God protects them too, you know? So you may have things that God is tending to or trying to get your attention on, yet here you are being frustrated thinking he's the holdup...

In Daniel 10, an angel was on the way to Daniel but was held up by an evil force. His prayers gave strength to the angel and eventually he made his way to Daniel. I need you to keep praying. Give strength to the angel that can deliver your future husband from any fear, timidity, stagnation, lust and/or confusion. Ask that God reveal your heart to him. Pray that he finds the courage. Remember also that Jesus said what we bind on earth, we bind in heaven. What we loose on earth, we loose in heaven. Spiritual warfare is real. And opposition always comes even where God's favor abounds. But as women of God, it's about knowing the strength we have been given from our Father. Use your power! And make a decision to honor your future husband even now in your singleness. You can't be of the world praying for a kingdom connection. Again, you may be the hold up.

In the meantime, here's what you need to do.

  • Prepare. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't. As a coach, this is what I do for clients through New Thing Life Coaching. I help women prepare for the love they desire. Otherwise, they'll simply be rewarded based on what they deserve (Jeremiah 17:10).

  • Stay in prayer. Ask God to reveal to you what to do and how to handle things. He'll give you wisdom on what can be done presently (James 1:5).

  • Cover him. The helpmate, or ezer kenegdo, is made to cover. You are his partner spiritually in the overwhelming task of obedience to God. Don't hesitate when it comes to covering him and praying for him now. Remember, God said that the man needed the woman. There's a man walking around incomplete because he has yet to find you. What if it's your prayers that can bring him to you?

Prophetic words require preparation, obedience, and labor paints to push out and deliver what was promised. They also require patience. Ask Joseph, David, and Abraham about waiting on something God said would happen. Also ask about what they endured to get there. Then ask if it was worth it. Learn to stand and fight for what's yours and what was promised. Doesn't mean prance in his face, reaching out excessively in hopes that he'll open his eyes. Let God deal with him. All you need to do is pray. Ask God to reveal it to him as well. Let all you speak be towards God and not others. Be quiet! Because others will attempt to talk you out of it, downplay it, or even ridicule you. Something else that Joseph knows all too well. Simply be quiet, pray, and keep the faith. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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