Waiting on God

I remember hearing a pastor saying, "the only thing worse than not waiting on God is wishing that you had." I couldn't agree more. I don't know about you, but I have a history of doing things in my own timing, in my own strength, by my own might. And they all ended horribly. I learned some good lessons, and thankfully we know all things work together for our good. But aside from the cliche' and religious mumbo-jumbo, I've got scars. My impatience never worked out for me. Impatience is a killer. Literally. We don't have, we ask, we don't get it fast enough, and then our impatience leads us to take matters into our own hands.

I've been told to never pray for patience because it's not something He grants. He puts you in situations that force you to become patient. I've got the t-shirt, key-chain, cap, and all other souvenirs as proof. So I tell you to be mindful. Be mindful of what you desire and pray for. Because when we want things bad enough, we get impatient when it doesn't happen in our timing. We then take matters into our own hands (not waiting on God) and end up in a big mess with even bigger prayers.

There's another scenario. The enemy hears our prayers, also. And the minute we pray, there's immediately a conversation being held. While angels are dispatched, Satan sends demons as well to do his work. A person with belief and trust in God but no discernment is a walking target. Because Satan will present to you something that's dressed up as the very thing you prayed for to get you off track and off course.

Discernment is more along the lines of being a gift instead of a skill. But even those without can be at peace when waiting on God. You must pray, first and foremost. But assuming you've done this and you're awaiting an answer, you must read the Word and meditate on His promises. He still speaks through His Word, even today. Be at peace, and find quiet time. It'll be hard for you to hear Him in the loud hustle of your every day life. Make time! Be aware. I hesitate to say "look for it (the answer)" because sometimes when we want something bad enough, we take everything as a sign and turn it into an answer. However, we must beware. Because sometimes the answer is right there in front of us. And we miss many things because we're not paying attention. Sometimes, we're even quick to automatically assume it's the enemy tricking us when it is in fact God. Surround yourself with godly people that possess godly wisdom and counsel. Often they hold the answers to many things. We can gain great insight from others if only we're honest and open. Lastly, I say worship. Worshiping God prior to a blessing is signs of a person on fire for God with trust in the Promise Maker and not the promise.

Discernment is key, but it's that gift that skips over some. Using the steps above should assist when it comes to waiting on God, hearing from God, and making the right move. No matter what, hang tight!

Waiting on God is worth it!

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