There's more than enough room!

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

We live in a big world with a lot of space. Each of us in our own homes or residences, own neighborhoods, schools, jobs/fields, you name it. Yet, there's a need to compete with others. Somehow we've failed to realize that there's more than enough room for all of us to survive. There's enough room for all of us to be blessed. We can celebrate with others, allowing their light to shine. And it won't dim ours. But we've forgotten that.

For those that receive the Weekly Dose, I talked about that in part this past weekend. But it's still on my mind, though on a deeper level. Why is it so hard for us to celebrate with others? We see people post the life we want. They discuss the things we want. We see pictures of their present situation, and we frown our faces instead of celebrating with them. Why is that? Why has competition become America's favorite past time?

There's more than enough blessings for us all to partake in. We forget that if God did it for one, He can do it for another. You shouldn't desire someone else's portion. I believe it's like an insult to God. We're saying that we think God, our Father, creator of heaven and earth, got it wrong. We think He accidentally gave someone else what belonged to us. Even if you don't word it in that manner, it's what we're saying when we become envious. Where do we get the nerve to question the method God uses? Statements of envy and bitterness minimize God and maximize our weaknesses.

I did a video last year, and I'm sharing it below. It came back to me this past weekend as I was writing the Weekly Dose. But we often forget that there's more to the story. Someone can post a picture and there's a million things going on behind that picture that we don't know. We often envy situations that either don't exist, or we simply don't know the back story. How much easier it would be to celebrate with the new mom. We don't know that perhaps she could have had more than one miscarriage and finally God has blessed her with her own. How much easier it would be to celebrate with the newly engaged couple. Perhaps we're seeing the glow of a person who was previously abused, thinking it wasn't possible to ever find and receive true love. How much easier it would be to celebrate with the new business owner. We have no idea that they may have been trying to launch this endeavor for years, but we didn't see the hard work behind the scenes. There's always more to the story.

We often envy situations that don't exist.

Celebrate with others, especially when those around you are being blessed. It means God's close and you may be next. But He's watching your response and examining your heart. What will He see? Are you rejoicing or are you bitter? Are you celebrating or are you jealous? Can you offer a sincere congratulations, even when someone receives the very thing you're praying for?

I challenge you: ask Him to bless others. Pray that others actually succeed. Know someone that is desiring the same thing as you? Pray for them to receive it! Know that you are needed and called. Their success doesn't threaten yours. Their blessings don't limit yours. There's more than enough room!

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