The Power of You!

When's the last time you thought about how powerful you are? Somewhere, there's a woman reading this who has been weak for and with men and family. There's a woman that feels as if she's not enough or less than, based on lies from Satan or others. Somewhere is a woman saying, "Victoria, there's not a bit of power in me!" But how wrong you are!

Powerful is defined as having great power or strength. And if there's anything you endured and you're still reading, then you have great strength. If you cry yourself to sleep every night, only to arise the next morning and get things done, then you have strength. If you are raising a child or children, that requires strength. If you work for someone else or run your own business, that's strength. If you are in need yet still carrying faith, that's strength.

You made it! Give yourself some credit. Why? Because you have power. In 2019, my prayer is that you don't forget that. This is your year! This is your year for freedom, manifestations, purpose fulfillment, gifts, elevation, self-discovery, and so much more. The sky is the limit, and even then there are rocket ships. The only limits are the ones that you put on yourself. Use your power to move mountains. Use your power to get that thing done. Use your power to gain access. Use your power to change your outlook and outcome.

The thing is that we're always trying to connect to the person or persons that we think can benefit us, aiding us in advancement. We think we need them and the gifts and or talents to get us to the next level. We think we need someone else's validation. We think certain connections are the only way for us to proceed. You don't need anyone else's connections when your God is the plug. You have His blood and power running through your veins. Between you and Him, you are the majority. And you can do all things because He gives you strength. Focus, this year, on the power of you. 2018 is behind us. Leave behind all mistakes, bad dates, bad choices, old flames, draining relatives, toxic friendships, and bad money habits. You've always had power. If someone tried to diminish it, or if circumstances weakened it, refuel.

Be powerful, my friend. Be powerful!

Educate. Enlighten. Enjoy!

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