No Fighting

To see where I am now compared to where I was about 9 months ago is very interesting. It's almost as if I've given birth to something that has completely changed and shifted my life, for the better. I was tired and worn out. Tired is actually an understatement. It's almost as if everything that could go wrong was going wrong. Loss after loss. Hurdle after hurdle. I got to a point where it's as if I no longer cared. I didn't care about my house and the condition because I was ready to move. In my mind, it seemed as if the kids were losing the little bit of common sense that's to be expected from teens and pre-teens. Finances were a bit iffy as well. And it appeared to me, I was doing a lot of praying, yet ... nothing. Nothing was happening. I was tired and literally had no fight left in me. Not a bit.

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. Exodus 14:14

The crazy part is that God needed me to understand something: He didn't ask or tell me to fight. He reassured me that He'd be there for me. He told me He'd never leave me nor forsake me. He told me to deny myself and follow Him. He told me to trust Him. He told me to be still and be at peace. But never once did He instruct me to fight. And when you look at Exodus 14, we can easily see how it relates to our lives as well.

The Egyptians Pursue Israel

Moses is instructed by God to take the Israelites in a direction that doesn't make much sense to them. I've been there before. God gives directions that don't fit my idea or plan, but I go anyway. Yet along the way, I'm wondering why I'm there and why God would set me up like that. There have been times I literally questioned and wondered if I was being used by God to fulfill His plans and will for someone else's life. And often times, that's exactly what's going on. In this case, the Israelites were being used by God also. While they were camped beside the shore near Pi-hahiroth, Pharaoh approaches. Naturally, everyone panics. Because it's just like us to panic in a place God sent us.

The people of Israel are crying out to Moses, unsure why they've been brought out there to just... die. Moses did his best to affirm them, letting them know to not be afraid because God would surely rescue them. With that, he instructed the people to stay calm because God would fight for them.

A lot of us are tired and wearing ourselves out because we're exerting energy and fighting. We're claiming we trust Him but we're attempting to "help" in certain areas. We're panicking, not sure why God would bring us "here" in this season just to die. We trusted Him by taking the job, relocating, or entering the marriage. Some of us are wondering if we even heard Him clearly because nothing seems to be going the way we imagined. We want to move, but we're tired. We literally have no fight left.

God will fight for you, you only need to sit still. When you look at Exodus 14:14, the word fight also translates to overcome. We don't need to fight. There's no need because He’s fighting! You’re not to fight because God will overcome the obstacles where you are right now at this minute. You only need to keep moving and be at peace. Trust Him for real and not for play. There's no battle He's ever lost. There's nothing He's incapable of overcoming. He defeated the grave and rose to life. Your mountains are nothing in His eyes.

Take this time to seek Him wholeheartedly. He loves when we seek Him and His ways. In Jeremiah 29:13, He says " You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart." And in Matthew 7, Jesus tells us we will find if we keep seeking.

No fight necessary; He’s got this! Be at peace.

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