Make Christ Popular Again

Is it just me, or do you also sense a revival going on? On social media, I can scroll and see many people sharing the love of God and the gospel of Jesus. I see children of God encouraging others, prophesying, warning others, and working on saving souls. I see Christian events all over. I see women sharing stories of celibacy and how important it is to wait until marriage to engage in sexual intercourse. This is revival time!

It's time to make Christ popular again. We're in a different time, I get it. But reading the Bible is amazing when you look at the crowds Jesus brought in. He was followed by many. Sometimes He could barely pray in peace because many were around. He opened His mouth and captivated followers with His words. Disciples defended Him. Peter slashed a servant's ear. James and John were ready to call down fire. A bleeding woman broke protocol while pushing through crowds to touch the hem of His robe. Jesus Christ was popular. And in doing so, He was a threat to religious leaders.

His popularity didn't sit well with the Pharisees and Sadducees. It's why He was persecuted the way He was. It's why He was arrested, beaten, flogged, and eventually crucified. But oh on the third day!

Regardless of what His purpose and calling meant for His life and acceptance, He knew He had a job to fulfill. Nevertheless, not His will, but His Father's will be done.

I dare you to take the same attitude. As this revival continues to sweep our nation, let nothing or no one stop you from sharing the Good News. Let nothing or no one stop you from taking a stand for righteousness. Let nothing or no one stop you from making Christ popular again. We need Him. The world desperately needs Him. And He's here. But it's up to you and I to burn bright and let His light shine within us for the world to see.

All hail King Jesus!

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