His Word Remains the Same

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

How often have you found yourself cringing because someone quoted a Bible scripture out of context? I have. And it drives me insane. What's interesting, furthermore, is that I used to be one of "them" (and I use that loosely). There are reasons that we must study and show ourselves approved. If you go based on what others believe or say about God, you may find yourself in deep trouble. Many mean well, but they barely have a clear understanding of exactly how God operates. And if we're honest, a lot of us are still truly grasping the way He works. For the most part, we'll never fully understand. But we must be mindful. There are many walking around with warped, twisted ideas of who God is. And they are far from the truth.

Do you know anyone who portrays God to be an angry, disappointed person with an iron fist? I know many that feel that way. And because of others and their perception, I was once that person. I was scared to give my life to Christ because I thought He was just waiting for me to come to Him so He could punish me for every wrongdoing. But that's nothing like how He operates. And once I got to know Him, I still find myself skipping over the most important thing: reading His Word. I would discuss Him with others, listen to worship music, attend church and let pastors and preachers tell me about Him, but I never got to know Him for myself. There are many Christian cliche's that aren't in the Bible. And there are many Bible scriptures that are often misquoted and misinterpreted by well-meaning Christians.

I'm thankful that I'm at a place where I have built a relationship with Him, and I take the time to not only read His word, but do my homework as well. I recently did a 2 part video on my YouTube channel regarding misquoted scriptures. I recommend you take a listen. You may find yourself shocked upon learning the real meaning behind some of them.

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