He who finds...

Proverbs 18:22 We have all heard this scripture so much. And somehow it's become the anthem or mantra to remind women that we are to be hunted and preyed upon. If we only mind our business and stay busy at work we'll be struck by Cupid's arrow or we'll be the target of a man actively searching for us. We need not fret because someone is desperately looking for us. After all, the Word says "HE who finds a wife finds a good thing..." While this is true, we're missing one valuable piece of information.

In this scripture, the word "finds" has a different meaning than we realize. It stems from the Hebrew word matsa which actually means happens upon, comes across, or stumbles upon. We now have a whole new outlook to this scripture. The man is not searching for us, after all. Bummer.

What we in fact are being told is that a man that happens to come across a woman and makes her a wife is a man who will now obtain favor from God. Oh, and not just any woman. Certain texts and manuscripts state that it must be a good woman. One who is virtuous and actually worthy of the title of wife. So how does this affect you?

If you are one that is ready and waiting to be found, evaluate whether you are worthy of the title of wife. Because according to the Bible this is a serious role. And it's not to be taken lightly. Many women underestimate this. They become focused on becoming a wife not realizing the arduous task in front of them. An Ephesians 5 man won't settle for anything les than what he deserves, prayed for, worked for and prepared for. Will you fit that description is the question?

Only you can answer that obviously. Use this season to prune, cultivate, and self evaluate. While the woman described in Proverbs 31 isn't and wasn't an actual woman, she is one to be admired and imitated. Take time to prepare. And not just for him. But for Him. And yourself. Live your best life now. Become the best version of you possible. You don't need a husband to do that.

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