Have not, ask not

It's the scripture that we hear, use, and recite all too often. James 4:2 tells us that a lot of things we do not have because we have not asked. We go about our everyday reminding ourselves if only we open our mouths, use our voice, and activate our faith, that we will get exactly what it is that we want and desire.

But here's the thing. You can't use that scripture in one part if you're not going to use it in its entirety. Because what the other part of the scripture actually tells us is that we have not because we ask not. However, it goes on to say that we ask with impure motives and requesting things that are only going to bring us selfish pleasure. That is why we don't get many of the things that we desire!

We're at a point where everyone wants to boldly approach the throne, and tell God what it is they want in that house, that mate, that job, and so many different things. After all, the word does say that He will give us the desires of our heart, correct? That is true. To an extent.

Several months ago I did a coaching on Effective Prayer which you can access on the HSM page. And I went into various reasons on why sometimes prayers do not get answered. Why we sometimes declare and decree certain things but yet they don't take place. Why sometimes we don't have something and even when we ask, we still don't get it. But I won't get too far off course. What I will say this is this. Psalm 37:4 is the perfect way to break this whole thing down. While it says that He will give us the desires of our heart, we must remember that it says "Delight in the Lord." Just like all the promises in the Bible, there is a prerequisite. Delight in the Lord means to seek Him First, to put him in the Kingdom above all of your wants, all of your needs, and all of your desires. It's saying that you want to please Him, it's saying that you're out to get the approval of Him and Him alone. And a person who is delighting in the Lord and walking with God is a person who is going to be renewed in mind and spirit. And because of this, their desires aren't fleshly desires. Because as you walk with God, you continue to die to self. You die to self because you're now living for him. And a person who is living for Him and has a heart like Him is somebody who has now been made over even as far as their desires are concerned. Your plans now start to align with His will. You start to desire the things that He actually wants you to have. And this, and only this, is the way that we end up getting the desires of our hearts.

Keep this in mind when you think about how you want something but yet you don't have it. And since you don't have it, you go on to ask for it. And if for some reason you find yourself still not getting it, then aside from the reasons that I mentioned in the Effective Prayer coaching, the reason might very well be that you are not asking with pure motives. You are asking for something that is for selfish gain. That is indicative of a heart that is aligned with God.

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