Finding contentment

This is a hard one for some ladies. It's not always that they're desperate or broken. Sometimes we just desire the companionship. And there's nothing wrong with that. The issue is when you don't find that place of contentment. You run the risk of reverting back to old ways and habits. You find yourself entertaining persons from the past. Some have gotten bored and even dated the wrong men for the heck of it. We're not doing that in 2019. No ma'am!

I get that this isn't always easy. And I want to help you with this. Healing is great. Preparation is awesome. But what about just being content where you are right now? Being healthy and happy for yourself is the key. Discovering yourself, increasing your self-awareness, and loving the heck out of yourself are true #goals.

I would recommend doing a few things during this time to facilitate your journey to contentment. Chasing your passion and discovering your purpose are the best things to do right now. A heartbreak from 2017 is actually what pushed me into my purpose. And it's been amazing. I had no idea it would involve helping other Christian women to not make the mistakes I did. But being focused on the things I'm called to do have been exciting, to say the least. And every day I brainstorm ways to perfect my craft, achieve a new skill, and utilize my gifts. I'm constantly concerned with how I can do my job better to meet the needs of others.

Family and friends. There's more time for them. I'm intentional about strengthening relationships and bonds. Having get-togethers. Lunch dates. Movie nights. Game nights. I have a circle of people that keep me laughing, motivated, and inspired.

Traveling. I love to travel. Just my luck, my friends are in different states so I have excuses for road trips. Also, when I learn of conferences and events in other states, I travel alone. It can be frustrating waiting on others to get prepared for adventures, so I go solo if I must.

Learning a new activity can be fun. I love to cook so I've never taken a class. But I recommend it to others to domesticate themselves (I say this jokingly). I enjoy trying new recipes, though. So I collect cookbooks and messy up the kitchen with mixing bowls, spilled flour, diced veggies, galore. The best part? Having the kids clean it up afterwards (you gotta pay to eat, ya know?). Since I've been wanting to pick up new hobbies and learn different things, I've taken a liking to painting. I loaded up on canvases, an easel, acrylic paint, nice brushes, etc. And I just paint. No, I'm not good. But with worship music playing, it's still very relaxing.

This is the year of YOU. Find your calling, find your passion, find what makes you happy. Do something you never thought you'd do. Do something you've always wanted to do. Live out loud on purpose just because you can (and you should). If you're willing to go further, I'm launching a Masterclass titled the Road to Contentment on January 11th. It's 60 days of helping you be a better you for you. Learn more here.

Last week for the Sassy Saturday Special, I spoke on contentment while single. Catch the video below. Here's to 2019!

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