Be like Abraham

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

How much do you trust God? That's not a trick question. I really wonder how much you trust Him. Imagine wanting something so bad, but thinking it's not possible. Because of your doubt, you don't even bring yourself to praying and asking God for it. But of course the God we serve knows our desires without us even petitioning Him.

This is what happened with Abraham and Sarah. They never prayed and asked God for children. As they got older, they accepted it would not happen. But their trust and love for God was not dependent upon His blessings. They continued to love Him. When God informed Abraham he would have a child, Sarah heard this and laughed. That's how crazy it sounded. They were older and past the age of having children. But God reminded them in Genesis 18:14,

"I am the Lord! There is nothing too difficult for me. I’ll come back next year at the time I promised, and Sarah will already have a son."

Lo and behold, Sarah gave birth to a son as God promised. She named him Isaac, which in Hebrew translates to laughter.

Abraham was obedient. When God instructed Him to go, He went. He had no idea where he was heading, but he went. Be like Abraham. Go where He sends you and just trust Him. And the very thing you've been privately praying for or secretly desiring will be given to you.

Matthew 6:33, " But above all pursue his kingdom and righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

What happens when He gives it to you, though, and then asks you to give it up? Remember the son that Sarah finally gave birth to? Well God asked Abraham to offer Isaac as a burnt offering. And being the obedient person he was, Abraham obliged. Many know how this story ends. Right as he was about to slaughter his son, The Lord called out and stopped him. There was a ram in the bush, so God instructed him to offer that instead. Abraham then renamed that place, "The Lord Provides."

Will you sacrifice the very thing He gave you after much prayers and tears? Will you set out to worship the Promise Maker or be caught up in the promise? Is it about the Giver or the gift?

Trust Him in this season. Just go where He sends you.

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