P31 Online Study

We hear about the Proverbs 31 woman, but who exactly is she and what does she have to do with us? Is she real? Like, did she really exist, or what?

Join me for a 4 week Bible study as I teach you allllll about her and see what she has to do with you.

As a christian Singles/Dating Coach, I deal with women on a regular basis that are trying to find themselves. They're trying to see who God has called them to be, and what a virtuous woman looks like in the 21st century.


In these 4 weeks, we will tackle:

  • Them: men from the past and how it interferes with who God says you are and where you're headed

  • You: where you are now and where you should be, looking at things you need to change in this season

  • Him: Who does God say you are and what does He have planned for you

  • Then: what's in store for you as a single Christian women? What needs to shift now in preparation for the future, whatever that may be for you?

Are you ready to do this? Sow a seed of any amount into this ministry, and you're in! Bonus: sow a seed of $50+ and receive access to the Loving Me webinar for free!