New Thing Life Coaching

If you've been looking for a certified Christian Life Coach,  Relationship or Dating coach, search no further! I focus on single women wanting to heal from their past, find contentment in the present, all while preparing for their future. Dating and romantic relationships don't have to be stressful. Actually, they shouldn't be!

And for those that need guidance for healing, discovering their purpose, evolving, and just life in general, I'm here for you as well. I have one goal: and it's to show you that you already possess what's needed to get to where you want to be!

I'm more concerned about you getting the services you need than I am with getting new clients. Let's see if we're a match! Book a consultation via the scheduler below. If we decide to proceed, you'll receive an email with pricing, products, and packages to choose from. 

For those in need of a one-time, spur of the moment emergency session, do so via the Single Session option below.