I am... enough!

You've listened to the lies told to you by men that were unable to truly see you. Self-imposed rejection has riddled you for years. You have desires, sure, but they don't match what you believe you deserve. You wonder about your worth and if you're good enough for anyone. I have news for you: you... are... ENOUGH! I can say it all day long, but I need YOU to declare: "I am ENOUGH!"

Join me for a 3 night coaching as I help you strip away the lies and fill you with the TRUTH. Become all that God says you are!

As a christian Singles/Dating Coach, I deal with women on a regular basis that feel as if they're not enough. They're not as good as "her" and "he'll never see me as worthy". They're living with the lies they've been told by men, their father, mother, an ex, etc. Some are looking at what they don't have and what they've endured and they're speaking it over themselves. There's a way to speak life and receive all that God has in store for you now. The Word says that life and death are in the power of the tongue. Yes, YOUR tongue. What words are you speaking? What are you saying about you? What are you telling yourself that you deserve and don't deserve?

Join me for 3 nights as we tackle:

  • Lies: things that you've believed all this time, even if you never said them out loud or to anyone

  • Labels: whether self-imposed or who others have said you are

  • Truth: Who does God say you are and what does He have in store for you?

Are you ready to do this? Sow a seed of any amount into this ministry, and you're in! Bonus: sow a seed of $50+ and receive access to the Loving Me webinar for free!