The good DWI:

Discerning while interested


We've been there before. Met a man, thought he was the one, then it turned into a horror story. Our hearts were shattered, our world came crashing, and we were ultimately confused. Imagine this happening after getting closer to God, becoming abstinent, and/or preparing for marriage! How does that even happen? I'm not sure but I'll share my story!

I've been there before! But I believe it's only because I forgot one important lesson: hearing from God on the matter. We often hear people mention "listen to God" or "consult God" regarding a romantic interest. It's said to "pray for a man" before making a move. But what words to use? How does God answer? WILL He answer?

On 7/20/20, countless women joined me for 2 powerful nights as I taught how to discern and pray over a man you're interested in, or one you may meet one day. There are questions to ask and words to use when you're going to God regarding matters of the heart. I shared exactly HOW God has spoken to me when it came to men I was involved with. A LOT of them...

2020 and 2021 will be different for you after attending this class!

Let's talk about...

  • Wisdom: learning to trust the gift God has freely given to us to make an informed decision

  • Discernment: God wants you to be informed. He has good plans for you but we don't always listen when He speaks. Learn how to hear His voice regarding your dating life

  • How to pray: What prayers should you be making and saying when it comes to matters of the heart? Learn how to make specific prayers that get real specific answers!

  • Detect motives: Many of us have been lied to and bamboozled by a guy at some point. Learn how to truly detect the motives of men that approach you

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