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Stacia B Thorne

Finally Set Free

“A compelling read for everyone, Finally Set Free is a message of hope for those of you that are struggling with Depression and other strongholds.” 

Indiana Tuggle

Awaken the Dream

I was looking for a daily devotional book when I stumbled across this one. I love the cover and decided to give it a chance. I must say, it exceeded expectations. It’s an easy to follow 90-day devotional book with insights and prayers to help guide daily meditation and reflection. I would highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with the confidence to pursue the best out of life.

April Bright

For my Good

Very inspirational! Whether you're battling cancer or just going through a bad time, this book helps you cope. Easy read. Can be applied to all walks of life.

LaVondilyn W San Kitts

Be Vigilant

Be Vigilant will show you how to recognize an attack of the enemy on your life and how to prepare yourself for battle.  Warrior, be vigilant…it’s time take up your sword and war in the spirit.