Let's Activate your faith!

Are you tired of waiting on God to move mountains? Are you trying to figure out why nothing has changed in your finances, health, calling, purpose, household, relationships, business, etc? Are you standing by and watching everyone else get blessed, yet nothing seems to be happening for you? You have the faith, yet where are the promises?? My friend, it's time to activate!

As a christian Life Coach, I deal with clients on a regular basis that feel as if they're stuck. They know there's more, they have faith, yet they've been waiting on God to fulfill the promises and prophecies. Their faith is often low because the words of the Lord have yet to come to pass in their lives. But there's a way to activate your faith. There's a way to speak life and receive all that God has in store for you now. The Word says that life and death are in the power of the tongue. Yes, YOUR tongue. What words are you speaking?

Join me for 3 nights as we tackle:

  • What: how to walk in your God-given authority, causing a revival to come forth in the dry and dead areas...

  • Why: lukewarm just won't cut it. There are many great things in store and you can't afford to miss out. God meant it when He said He has good plans for you to prosper...

  • How: what do you need to change in order to see your heart's desires? There's a way to cause prophecies previously spoken over you to come to life.

Are you ready to do this? Sow a seed of any amount into this ministry, and you're in! Bonus: sow a seed of $40+ and receive a FREE copy of My Little Pink Book of Prophecies!